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Mr David Pinto

The Body Rehab, pioneered by Dr. Bharath is a unique clinic to rejuvenate from your ailments. The clinic has a right blend of serene ambience and courteous staff. Moreover you don't have to wait for your turn, your treatment sessions are fixed well in advance.

From the past 25 years, I used to suffer from heavy migraine headache. Tried a lot treatments but nothing worked. Finally after taking Matrix Rhythm Therapy from The Body Rehab, my headache reduced considerably. I definitely recommend people suffering from the same to take treatment here.

Mrs Manjula Bhat

Mrs Kavitha Lobo

I have been suffering stiffness and pain in my knee joints, due to this I was not able to do my daily work. Coming to The Body Rehab Physiotherapy Clinic turned my life around. After 10 sessions of Matrix Rhythm Therapy. A lot of relief, after 10 years of suffering from it, this pain reduced in 5 weeks, even cured my varicose veins. I am extremely better than before all due to The Body Rehab. Thank you.

I know I maybe a little late in sending this mail, given that I walked out of your clinic a month ago. Irrespective, my opinion of your clinic hasn't changed one bit. I came in with severe shoulder pain, which didn't let me do a lot of work at all. I was suffering from this pain for well over 6-7 months. But despite the condition in which I was, the advance treatment provided by your clinic really worked wonders. Today, probably, 2-3 months after I started off, the pain never seem to have existed. Really grateful and impressed by the kind of service I have received. I hope you keep working your wonders on people in a way that would ensure everyone of no pain.

All the best.

Kshama Shetty

Delphine Noronha

I had visited The Body Rehab for my frozen shoulder problem. Within five sessions I had at least 90% cure to my problem. The fees charged are also reasonable. Doctor is very considerate and friendly person. The clinic at Chilimbi, Mangalore is fully equipped, clean and nice.

I visited The Body Rehab last week, it was in connection with a back pain I was suffering since a very long time. The treatment was successful and I am very happy with the services I recieved.

But what intrigued me was the level of sophistication of the clinic. The equipment was state-of-the-art including Matrix Rhythmus Therapy from Germany. All these services are provided at a reasonable price. I think Mangaloreans are very lucky to have such services so conveniently located, while we at Mumbai have to spend much more for the same.

I wish The Body Rehab all the very best.

Rakesh K B
Development Consultant

Sophia Varghese
Doha ,Qatar

"I had injured my ankle and used a brace to walk even after a few months, i still didn’t recover! Thanks to Physiotherapist and the treatment offered at this clinic I completely recovered and can walk painlessly again"

The Body Rehab was recommended to me by one of my friend who had a considerable relief from his knee pain that he had been enduring for a decade. I consulted them to treat my nagging shoulder pain that had developed during a workout in the gym few months back. After a thorough check up and assessment I was offered the Matrix Rhythm Therapy, After a bit of research online I chose the Matrix Rhythm Therapy as it has been proven to be very effective in relieving pain and strengthening the muscles. Within 4 sessions my pain was relived to up to 90%. I have been asked to perform few strengthening exercise over the course of the next few months. I will highly recommend this place for all pain and rehabilitation situations. Probably the only place in Mangalore with state of the art treatment options like the Matrix Rhythm Therapy.

Raj K.
River Stream